Who Owns the Learning

It’s August 25, 2012. Today I read a great book called Who Owns the Learning by Alan November. My wheels are turning and I want to share the “Digital Learning Farm” model and the student jobs that essentially take students from “being passive receptors of information into active drivers of their educational experiences and designers of their educational goals” (November, 2012, p.20). Student jobs include:

  • Tutorial Designers
  • Student Scribes
  • Student Researchers
  • Global Communicators and Collaborators

Through the many examples shared in the book, I learned many different ways educators are using basic strategies and technology tools to create interesting and authentic learning experiences for students. Now, I am anxious to my learning with others!

November, A. (2012). Who Owns the Learning. Bloomington: Solution Tree Press.



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2 responses to “Who Owns the Learning

  1. JWB

    Sounds very interesting, and makes sense.

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