(Man-made) Hills to climb

Runner-friendly Golden Ears Bridge.

It’s August 13, 2012. I didn’t want to, but it was running day today. This summer, I’ve been trying to stay in shape by going for a run at least every second day. My son, Jake, has impressed me by going on regular runs to prepare for his upcoming soccer season. My reason for running is completely different, and is really a topic for a more serious blog post. Read it here.

I decided to challenge myself and run to and across the Golden Ears Bridge. Well, I’m back writing this so obviously I made it.

Having crossed the Fraser River many times by care over this bridge, you don’t realize how big and how steep the bridge is until you cross it on foot. As I made my way back across the bridge and peered West along the Fraser River, I spotted another bridge – the new Port Mann Bridge. So how big is big? I decided to compare the two spans.

Golden Ears Bridge

  • Clearance: 40 m
  • Total Length (including approaches): 2,410 m
  • Pylon Height: 90 m
  • Width: 6 lanes

Port Mann Bridge

  • Clearance: 42 m
  • Total Length (including approaches): 2,020 m
  • Pylon (Tower) Height: 163 m
  • Width: 10 lanes (when complete)

While I’m not happy about the tolls I pay crossing both bridges, in the end, I suppose time is more valuable than money!

Looking back at the Golden Ear Bridge from Pitt Meadows.


The new Port Mann Bridge is constructed in the distance.

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