It’s August 3, 2012. We are back in Spokane, Washington after a relatively short drive from Butte, Montana. I’ll be honest…I am desperate to get home! All the driving and hotels are getting to me (and the rest of the family I suspect). But it’s nice to know that by tomorrow, we’ll be home.

On our way through Spokane three weeks ago, I wanted to stop in at Gonzaga University to have a look at the campus. I LOVE university campuses and try to at least drive through if I get the chance. It brings back memories of my own time in university – both Simon Fraser and Royal Roads –  which I recall fondly!

Well, today I did it. Pip and I explored the campus of Gonzaga University today. Being summer, it was quiet and beautiful. On our journey, I began to recall how I hadn’t even heard of Gonzaga University up until about 10 years ago. Why was that?  It turns out that’s roughly when the Zags began an incredible run of reaching the Men’s NCAA Final 4 tournament 14 times. It also coincides with Mark Few becoming the team’s head coach. Gonzaga reaching new heights caught my attention.

I love basketball, particularly the NCAA Tournament. I have also coached basketball at the elementary level for close to 20 years, so it’s easy and natural for me to connect the game with real-life. In my daily work in education, I believe that if you put the right person in the right place, magic can happen. Sometimes it’s experience or the right skill set that matters, while other times it’s the right attitude, work ethic, or self-belief that’s required. The same applies to basketball.

For Gonzaga basketball, Mark Few has been the right person. As a result, magic has taken place on the hardwood on this beautiful campus. Glad I got to visit it today!



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